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Mixed Media Sculptor and Installation Artist   

Russ Smith creates unique, award-winning, mixed media three-dimensional works and installations.  Inspired by the Greek and Italian artists who were part of the Arte Povera movement of the 1960's and 70's, Smith often uses found objects and items from everyday life in his art.  Working with materials as diverse as rust, sand, barbed wire, wood, metal, water, and a variety of paints, Smith makes visceral art that is at times overtly political and in direct response to the present social climate in the United States and abroad, at other times deeply personal and enigmatic.  His art in many instances drives itself during the creation process.  The finished piece often surprises him.  Smith’s work has been reviewed in Art New England and other publications, and he has received high praise from art critics, who have described his installations and assemblages as poignant, strong, sobering, and powerful, harrowing, timely, searing, and affecting.  Smith’s art has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout southern New England and in New York City.  The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts awarded Smith individual artist project grant funding in both 2006 and 2007. 

Smith's most recent large-scale solo political art installation, an anti-war piece entitled "One Morning in Haditha," was on view during the month of October 2007 at the Firehouse 13 experimental art space in Providence, Rhode Island.  Please click on for further information, and visit to view installation images.  Smith engaged in a water-only endurance fast during the 24-day exhibition period, with each day of the fast linked to a particular Haditha massacre victim.  Smith kept an online diary during his October 6th - October 29th fast.  You can read his diary entries at

Smith is a resident of Sandywoods Farm, and also serves as an AmeriCorps VISTA community outreach/program coordinator at Sandywoods. Sandywoods Farm is a unique affordable housing community located in Tiverton, Rhode Island. This intentional community combines farming activities with housing for working artists and their families, and also features art studios, gallery space for exhibitions, open space for passive recreation, and a farmer's market. The project is environmentally friendly and features a wind turbine and green buildings. For more information about Sandywoods Farm, please visit

You can contact Smith via e-mail at or at (401) 241-7349. 



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